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Database Search Tips

Use boolean operators (AND, OR) to broaden your search.

  • e.g., (bronchiolitis OR "respiratory syncytial virus") AND nebuli* hyptertonic saline AND ("hospital stay" OR "length of stay")

Use subject headings (e.g., PubMed MeSH terms) to search by subject, or to brainstorm synonyms to add to your search.

  • e.g., In PubMed, click on "MeSH terms" below a relevant abstract and add those terms to your search strategy.

Use truncation (*) to search alternate endings.

  • e.g., nebuli* will retrieve articles with nebulizer, nebulizers, nebulized, nebuliser, nebulisers, etc.

Use quotes to search as a phrase.

  • e.g., "hospital stay" rather than hospital stay will retrieve articles with that exact phrase.

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