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MUSC Oral Histories

MUSC Oral History Program

Established in 2008, the Waring Historical Library's oral history program captures MUSC's history in the words of employees and alumni who witnessed or participated in that history. The interviews consist of relevant memories concerning the evolution of the institution, the development, growth and changes in educational, clinical, and research programs, the contributions of women and minorities, as well as MUSC's impact on local, state, and national events.

The oral history program is ongoing and seeks to capture diverse perspectives on MUSC's contributions to health care, research, and education.

Interviews are recorded and then transcribed as closely as possible to the words of the speakers. Each interviewee is given a chance to review the transcript and make minor edits for clarification. Both the recordings and the transcripts are housed in the MUSC University Archives.

Transcripts of interviews are available through MEDICA.


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