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MUSC Oral Histories

OH 3 - Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Hugo, a Category IV storm, struck Charleston, South Carolina on September 21 and 22, 1989. Over 2000 people rode out the storm in the Medical University of South Carolina’s University Hospital. This series of interviews documents the memories of administrators, hospital personnel, and maintenance staff that worked through the storm. The interviews were conducted by Brooke Fox, MUSC University Archivist in preparation for a physical and online exhibit commemorating the twentieth anniversary of landfall. The collection consists of eleven individual interviews recorded on a digital audio recorder between June and August 2009. Topics include storm preparations, patient safety, and personal recollections of each participant’s experiences including the days leading up to, and the weeks following, landfall.

This collection is accessible in MEDICA.

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Title Call Number No. of Transcript Pages Catalog Record Digital Item
W. Curtis Worthington, Jr., MD, interview by Brooke Fox, 18 June 2009 OH 3.1 23 p. View Available
William H. Golod, Ph.D., oral history interview, 23 June 2009 OH 3.2 24 p. Available
H. Biemann Othersen, Jr., MD, interview by Brooke Fox, 24 June 2009 OH 3.3 18 p. View Available
M. David McDaniel interview by Brooke Fox, 1 July 2009 OH 3.4 24 p. View Available
Fred A. Crawford Jr., MD, interview by Brooke Fox, 1 July 2009 OH 3.5 19 p. View Available
Peter B. Rock interview by Brooke Fox, 6 July 2009 OH 3.6 19 p. View Available
Hal S. Currey interview by Brooke Fox, 14 July 2009 OH 3.7 21 p. View Available
Sherry Gillespie Miller, RN, MSN, interview by Brooke Fox, 17 July 2009 OH 3.8 17 p. View Available
Victor E. Del Bene, MD, interview by Brooke Fox, 22 July 2009 OH 3.9 36 p. View Available
Gail W. Stuart, PhD, RN, FAAN, interview by Brooke Fox, 27 July 2009 OH 3.10 18 p. View Available
George F. "Tony" von Kolnitz, IV, interview by Brooke Fox, 14 August 2009 OH 3.11 39 p. View Available


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