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Waring Library Society

Waring Library Society Board of Directors

2022 - 2023 


  • Dr. Jacob Steere-Williams, President 
  • Dr. Robert Ball, Vice President/President-Elect
  • Dr. Dulaney Wilson, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Dr. James Tolley, Past-President

Executive Committee:

  • Linda Cox, Office of Development 
  • Dawn Hartsell, President's Office
  • Heather Holmes, MUSC Libraries
  • Dr. Lisa Kerr, Office of Humanities
  • Dr. Cory Robinson, MUSC Health

Faculty Members:

  • Dr. Angela Malek, College of Graduate Studies/Medicine
  • Dr. Jerry Reves, College of Medicine
  • Dr. Berry Anderson, College of Nursing
  • Dr. Ron Nickel, College of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Joe Vuthiganon, College of Dental Medicine 
  • Mrs. Lindsay W. Loewer, College of Health Professions 

Community Members:

  • Dr. Carl Boyd
  • Dr. Faye Jensen 
  • Dr. Fred Worsham 
  • Dr. Sarah A. Imam
  • Dr. David Trachtenberg

Student Members:​

  • Kayla Green, College of Graduate Studies
  • Vacant, College of Nursing
  • Olivia Miller, College of Health Professions
  • Vacant, College of Pharmacy
  • Kristen Guin. College of Medicine
  • Vacant College of Dental Medicine
  • Conor James, At Large
  • Subina Saini, At Large


  • Dr. James Tolley
  • Dr. David Adams 
  • Dr. Thomas Basler 
  • Dr. Elizabeth M. Bear
  • Dr. Alan Brown
  • Dr. Charles S. Bryan
  • Dr. Tariq Javed
  • Dr. Peter McCandless 
  • Dr. R. Layton McCurdy
  • Dr. Ronald O. Nickel
  • Dr. Stephen I. Schabel
  • Dr. Sally Self 
  • Dr. Charlie Strange 
  • Dr. C. Wayne Weart 

President Emeritus:

  • Dr. Walton Ector
  • Dr. H. Biemann Othersen
  • Dr. Edward L. Welsh


175 Ashley Avenue | MSC 403 | Charleston, SC 29425 | (843) 792-2288