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Strategic Plan, 2021-2024

The Waring Historical Library building


The Waring Historical Library supports the teaching and research mission at the Medical University of South Carolina by collecting and preserving original manuscripts, books, and other items relating to the history of the University, the history of health sciences in South Carolina and the South, and the history of the health sciences of the Atlantic World during the 18th and 19th centuries. The collections include the rare book and special collection of the Waring, the University Archives, the Digital Archives, the Macaulay Museum of Dental History, and other collections currently housed in various colleges at the University.

We believe the historical library and archives can and will play an important role in supporting the University’s OneMUSC Strategic Plan as the institution nears its bicentennial year of service to learning in the health sciences.

The Waring Historical Library has identified five strategic goals in alignment with OneMUSC and its focus on Innovation, Impact, and Influence. By achieving its goals, the Waring Historical Library will be recognized for its innovation, demonstrate a commitment to inclusion and equity in its programming and collection development, enhance the educational value of the collection to the University and the scholarly world, and forge new relationships and partnerships.

We aspire to establish the Waring Historical Library as an important national resource for understanding the history of the health sciences; establish the University Archives as a key resource for understanding the University’s past and documenting and preserving current efforts for posterity; and establish the Digital Archives as a conduit to broadening access and visibility of the collections of the Waring and the University Archives.

Waring Historical Library Strategic Goals for 2021-2024

Goal 01

Financial Capacity (OneMUSC Innovation)

The Waring Historical Library will build financial capacity to serve the mission of the library.

  • Raise funds for renovation of the Waring Library building
  • Develop sponsorships for programming

Sample activities:

  • Sponsorship for the lecture series
  • Sponsorship for scholarly research grants and the Worthington Essay Contest
  • Adopt a Book program for conservation of the collection

Goal 02

Recognition of Waring’s
Premiere Collection (OneMUSC Innovation)

The Waring Historical Library will become recognized as a premiere collection in the History of Health Sciences on a national and international level.

  • Refine and further develop the collection focusing on creating a unique research resource for scholars
  • Establish connections to individual scholars and to institutions focusing on the history of health sciences

Sample activities:

  • Deaccession items that do not fit the collection’s purpose
  • Catalog items to ensure access to the materials
  • Search out and accession items to fill in gaps in the collection with particular focus on documentation of underrepresented groups, such as the lives of African Americans in the history of the health sciences as impacted and served by MUSC and in the Southeast
  • Sponsor/Host a conference in Charleston on the History of Health Sciences

Goal 03

Engage the MUSC
(OneMUSC Impact)

The Waring Historical Library will cultivate and strengthen relationships throughout the MUSC community.

  • Engage the colleges, students, staff, faculty, and alumni to become the first resource for any questions regarding the history of the institution
  • Work with offices throughout MUSC to identify historically significant material to be transferred to the University Archives
  • Strengthen the faculty and student support of the institutional repository as an online resource that is more representative of the scholarly output of the University

Sample activities:

  • Orientation tours for prospective students and new faculty and staff
  • Establish the library building as a venue for MUSC events
  • Create study space for students
  • Refine and expand the Records Management program
  • Review and refine public statements and notices that contain historical references about MUSC
  • Partner with colleges and departments across the University to provide open access to archived University publications within the institutional repository

Goal 04

Education Initiatives
In Charleston
(OneMUSC Influence/Impact)

The Waring Historical Library will promote the History of the Health Sciences through educational initiatives in Charleston.

  • Develop curriculum resources for multiple levels of the educational system
  • Develop exhibits in order to educate the public further about the history of health sciences in Charleston

Sample activities:

  • Create a joint degree/certificate offering with the College of Charleston
  • Produce curriculum in the History of Health Science that is Open Courseware, online, and self-paced
  • Produce curriculum that can be used by high school teachers in area schools
  • Create new IP coursework at MUSC focusing on specific history of health science topics

Goal 05

Diversify the Collection
(OneMUSC Impact/Innovation)

The Waring Historical Library will make a determined, focused, and public effort to acquire materials highlighting the history of health sciences of diverse populations.

  • Identify topics, institutional records, and personal records that tell the stories of a diverse population
  • Offer opportunities through programming and highlighting collections that encourage reflection and healing regarding historical disparities in the health sciences in Charleston and South Carolina

Sample activities:

  • Create and implement a public call for assistance in acquiring materials that diversify the collection
  • Connect with organizations and individuals with connections to a diverse population working, or that have worked, in health care fields
  • Establish a standard and consistent working relationship with MUSC’s Office of Diversity and Equity

WHL Building Capacity for Success at MUSC

Telling one’s story is essential to building community, a key factor for the University to be successful in achieving the strategic goals as stated in OneMUSC. In building community, the institution is able to move people in the same direction, trying to achieve the same goals, connecting institution and individual and creating a sense of belonging. In addition, by building community beyond the campus borders, the institution establishes essential relationships for developing good will that will have political, social, and economic repercussions.

By achieving its strategic goals over the next three years, the Waring Historical Library will, inevitably and inexorably, support the success of OneMUSC and provide connection to community for the University.


175 Ashley Avenue | MSC 403 | Charleston, SC 29425 | (843) 792-2288