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Occupational Therapy

Library Guide for students in the College of Health Professions Occupational Therapy Programs

Article Databases

Evidence-Based Practice & Research

Finding Qualitative Research Articles

Tips & Tricks for Finding Qualitative Research Studies

  • add a line of qualitative keywords to your search strategies
    • possible terms include but are not limited to: qualitative OR ethnography OR ethnographic OR phenomenological OR phenomenology OR grounded theory OR purposive sample OR heuristic OR lived experience OR life experience OR narratives OR content analysis OR thematic analysis OR focus group OR interviews
    • pubmed advanced search qualitative
  • Use the "Qualitative Research" category in Health Services Research (HSR) PubMed Queries (link below).
  • In CINAHL (link below) use the Clinical Queries: "Qualitative - High Sensitivity" (broadest search), "Qualitative - High Specificity" (most targeted search), or "Qualitative - Best Balance" (best combination of sensitivity and specificity results) limits.
    • cinahl qualitative clinical queries
  • In CINAHL (link below), explode the Qualitative Studies subject heading.
    • cinahl qualitative studies subject heading