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Citing Other Resources

How do I export citation information from other library resources to EndNote?

Citing in EndNote

Unfortunately, you will not be able to export UpToDate, DynaMed, Lexicomp, and topics from similar clinical databases directly into EndNote. You will need to enter this information in manually to add it to your EndNote Library. It is recommended that you cite these topics as book sections. 

1. In EndNote, choose "References" from the toolbar

2. Click on "New Reference"

3. Change the reference type to "Book Section" in the dropdown menu

Convert to Plain Text

The publisher will not accept a manuscript with an EndNote formatted reference list. What do I do?

Good news, you can still use EndNote!

1. Import references and insert into your manuscript as you normally would

2. In Microsoft Word, click on the EndNote tab

3. For Macs: Click "Tools", then click "Convert to Plain Text" 

    For Windows: Click "Convert Citations and Bibliography", then click "Convert to Plain Text"

Product Key

I'm trying to download EndNote on a Windows computer but it keeps asking for a "product key". Where can I find this?

If you download EndNote properly from the Information Solutions Software Downloads page, you will not need a Product Key. Follow these installation instructions

It is important to “extract all” since this is the step of the installation process that negates the need for a Product Key.

The "extract all" feature looks different on each computer, but one example is shown below. To extract the files in the .zip package, select both files and click the Extract all button.

Delete Duplicates

1. Click "References" from the EndNote toolbar, and choose "Find Duplicates"

2. EndNote will show you duplicate references side by side, and you can edit references here if necessary. Select the reference you wish to keep and the one not selected will be moved to the "Trash" 

Note: References will be kept in the "Trash" group until emptied. Accidentally deleted references can be recovered from the trash by dragging back into your library.

Folders Shared by Others & CWYW

Someone shared a folder with me, but I am unable to add those references to my Word document. How can I import references into Word using CWYW from a folder someone shared with me?

If you are having trouble locating references from a shared folder using the CWYW feature in Word, first make sure you have selected EndNote online as your CWYW application. You can find this setting in Word on the Endnote tab by clicking the preferences button.

If you are still unable to locate references from a folder someone shared with you, check settings for the shared folder in EndNote Online. First, log in to EndNote Online, hover over "Organize" on the toolbar at the top of the page, click "Others' Groups". Make sure the box under "Cite While You Write" is checked for the appropriate folder.

Still having trouble? Submit a help ticket here.


Export References to Excel

How do I export EndNote references to Excel?

Edit Output Style

What if my output style doesn't look how I think it should?

If you have previously downloaded the updated output style, EndNote is updated, and your in-text citations or bibliography still do not look correct, you can edit the output style.

1. Click Edit -> Output Styles -> Open Style Manager.

2. In the list of styles, highlight the style you are using and click the Edit button.

3. Make any necessary edits, and save 

4. Then, to use the edited output style, select the new citation name from the Citation Styles dropdown box in your EndNote library

Import Filters

What are import filters?

Import filters are software that transfers data from references in databases and formats them for accurate import into EndNote. Import filters tell EndNote where data should go (i.e. authors in the author field, journal name in the journal field, etc.). EndNote comes preloaded with import filters, but if a database is using one not included in the preloaded filters, you can download more from the EndNote Website. 

Instructions for downloading import filters from the EndNote website:

  • Macs:
    • Go to
    • Click the "Download all filters" button or select the appropriate filter you wish to download
    • In EndNote, click the EndNote X8 tab, and choose "Customizer"
    • Check all of the "import filters" you want to add
    • Click "Next" twice and "done" to close the window
  • Windows PC:
    • Go to
    • Go to "Control Panel" and choose "Add or Remove Programs" in Windows XP, or "Programs and Features" in Windows Vista/7
    • Select EndNote and choose "Change"
    • Select "Modify Option" and choose "Next"
    • Place a check next to "Additional Filters" and choose "Will be installed on local hard drive"
    • Click a plus sign next to the filters you wish to add
    • Click "Next"