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Quality Assessment

Once all reviewers have completed the full-text screening and resolved conflicts, and have also completed the Data Extraction, you are ready to move on to Quality AssessmentDuring the quality assessment phase, the authors appraise the methodological quality of each study selected for inclusion. 


Go to the Quality Assessment Template.


On the Quality Assessment Template, you can either:

  • Use the provided quality assessment tool (Cochrane Risk of Bias version 1*) without making modifications to the template.
  • Edit the provided quality assessment tool (Cochrane Risk of Bias version 1*) and add/edit domains.
  • Start from scratch and create a custom quality assessment template.

*Version 2 of the Cochrane Risk of Bias tool has been released so we recommend editing the Covidence template to reflect RoB-2.

You can only have one template. Therefore, if you have a mix of study designs (e.g. experimental and observational) then you could add multiple quality assessment tools to one template. To differentiate the domains of each tool, add the study design or name of the tool to the domain labels. Here is guidance on creating a template with multiple risk of bias tools.

For help in deciding which Risk of Bias / Quality Assessment tool(s) to use, consult one of the following sites:


Create Custom Quality Assessment Tool

If your systematic review includes study designs other than RCTs, you should use a quality assessment tool other than the Cochrane Risk of Bias tool. Select, "I want to start from scratch" to create and publish a custom Quality Assessment template.

For help in deciding which quality assessment tool(s) to use, see this list of quality assessment tools.