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Finding and Attaching PDFs to References

Before you can begin full-text screening, you must attach a PDF to each reference. You can do this manually or via the bulk import feature (e.g., through EndNote).

To find the full-text PDFs: Search for each article title in the Discover search box on the library's homepage. Select title and download PDF.

  • If you don't see the article title in the list of results, click "expand results". Then you should see the title with an option to request through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Once an article is requested through ILL, a PDF will be put in your ILL acccount within a few days (free of charge).

To attach PDFs one at a time: Select Add Full-Text under each article title to attach a PDF to each reference.

Full-Text Screening

After you complete the title and abstract screening, you can move on to the full-text screening. Your review homepage illustrates the team's progress. 


For each reference, read the full-text and make a decision:

  • Include: This article meets inclusion criteria and should be included in our systematic review.
  • Exclude: This article does not meet inclusion criteria and should not be included in our systematic review.

Where the reference is moved forward to depends on its previous votes; please see this article and flowchart for more details. 

Remember, all voting is blinded, meaning your colleagues will be unable to see your votes until they've cast their own, and vice versa. 


For each reference that you vote to exclude, select a reason for excluding the study from your systematic review.


The exclusion reasons will be listed on the PRISMA flow diagram that is generated by Covidence.