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Submitting to MEDICA

MUSC Libraries Policy

In an effort to streamline and advance services of MUSC Libraries, starting March 1, 2018, we are requesting that all theses and dissertations be electronically submitted to MEDICA, MUSC’s Institutional Repository. MEDICA provides a way to promote scholarly communication, preserve access, and reach a larger audience by being openly available. Naturally, the library respects author’s wishes for an embargo period, and the platform is designed to prevent download of the text until the embargo date has passed, although the citation will be indexed in the repository.

As of March 1, 2018, MUSC Libraries will be suspending most bindery services. Instead, students and departments that wish to have a print version of their material may work directly with our chosen vendor, Houchen Bindery. By going to their website, you are able to upload documents, choose the preferred binding, and have the copies sent directly to your chosen location. The service is faster, easier, and more satisfactory to the user.

As such, MUSC Libraries will no longer collect print copies of theses and dissertations. And while we are suspending most bindery services, if a student or department requires more specialized binding, we are still able to help. Please contact Marie Nelson for more information.

For assistance with submitting dissertations and theses to MEDICA@MUSC, contact Tabitha Samuel, Digital Archivist for the Waring Historical Library.