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Submitting to MEDICA


MUSC Libraries encourage researchers to consider making their publications open access and freely available in MEDICA. However, we acknowledge that in some cases, you may need to restrict access to your work. To meet this need, MEDICA provides two options: embargo and viewership restrictions. There are many reasons why some contributors choose to embargo and/or restrict the viewership of their deposits, which include but are not limited to:

  • Plans to file a patent based on research and/or data
  • Plans for future publication based on research and/or data
  • Research and/or data is subject to review by sponsor or grantor prior to publication
  • Plans to publish research based on research and/or data and publisher has indicated that data release counts as "prior publication"
  • A need to embargo the dataset while a related manuscript is under review
  • Copyright options are still under consideration

Please note that metadata/citation information will be visible for embargoed items. It is the full-text that will not be available until the embargo period has passed


Setting an embargo allows you to establish a grace period before your uploaded content may be viewable and discoverable in MEDICA. Embargoes can be set for any length of time or set date (such as 6 months or January 1, 2020). If an embargo date/time period has been stipulated with your online submission, your deposit will not be viewable or discoverable in MEDICA before that time has elapsed.

Viewership Restrictions

You can also determine who can view and discover your submission once your contribution has been made accessible in MEDICA (viewable and discoverable without an embargo or after a stipulated embargo has elapsed). Access to your contribution can be restricted to MUSC NETID/password holders. Bibliographic record/citation information of your contribution will still be accessible for all users, but to view the work an MUSC NETID and password would be required. The process for stipulating access restriction options is similar to setting an embargo, by a length of time or a specific date (such as 6 months or January 1, 2020).