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Telehealth Providers of the Future

This is a guide for the Course: Transformation of Healthcare: The Future of Interprofessional Telehealth

Module 1: History & Changing Models of Care

History & Changing Models of Care - Telehealth has a storied history dating back to the early 20th century and extending into new care coordination models today.  Telehealth is just one set of tools in a changing healthcare landscape that faces a new generation of healthcare providers and administrators.

Module 2: Access & Population Health

Access & Population Health - Telehealth technologies are their most powerful when used to address health access issues and to support the management of populations through evolving models like ACOs.  Barriers can be overcome and outcomes can be tracked that address healthcare disparities in rural and urban communities.

Module 3: Technology: Infrastructure and Applications

Technology: Infrastructure and Applications - Telehealth technologies are rapidly changing and becoming more integrated into clinical and home health settings.  Because the technologies are evolving quickly, infrastructure development is an area of focus for program success and sustainability.

Module 4: Legislation, Regulation & Ethics

Legislation & Regulation - The only thing evolving faster in telehealth than the technology is the legal and regulatory environment.  State and national guidance is being developed to support and help provide guidance to this shifting landscape.

Module 5: Team-Based Care & Community Partnerships

Team-Based Care & Community Partnerships - Telehealth affords for new partnerships and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of care accessible through extended telehealth services.  Through true partnerships and teamwork, providers are able to forge new service paths for their patients and new levels of quality care across communities.