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Telehealth Providers of the Future

This is a guide for the Course: Transformation of Healthcare: The Future of Interprofessional Telehealth


This is your guide to resources for Telehealth which is the use of telecommunications technologies to provide medical information and services. In this guide you will find a selection of articles, books and government reports as well as databases that are the best bet for articles on telehealth. 

Course Description

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course provides health professions students with a detailed examination of the use of telehealth processes to transform the provision of healthcare.  Through an interprofessional context, students will explore clinical, research and educational initiatives currently underway across South Carolina.  Students will learn the history and status of telehealth activities; engage with live telehealth learning experiences; understand the use of telehealth to improve healthcare access and population health; explore how team-based and academic/community partnerships can be used to advance care; and embrace the changing models of care resulting from advancing telehealth technologies.

Faculty Information

Telehealth Overview

Telehealth and Telemedicine - What do these terms mean and how can telehealth support the provision of team-based care?  Telehealth can help with access and efficiencies within the healthcare system.