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The Consortium of Southern Biomedical Libraries: Distinguished Library Award Rules

Distinguished Library Award Rules

The purpose of the CONBLS Distinguished Library Award is to recognize innovation, sustainability, and programs in member libraries that contribute to the library’s mission of service, education, research, and/or patient care to the academic institution or the community.


  • Award up to two per year, each year there is merit


  • By self or others
  • Two programs per year limit per library
  • Libraries receive the award, not individuals


  • A <3-page proposal per program submitted
  • Deadline for submissions is end of August
  • Submissions may be submitted repeatedly


  • Name and description of program or project
  • Dates and area covered
  • Name of library director
  • Name of University official to notify if appropriate
  • Provide URLs if appropriate
  • Supplementary materials may be submitted, if desired


  • Consists of three CONBLS members, including the Chair (previous award recipient)
  • Intended to serve staggered terms, with change out or rotate each year
  • Will make decision before the CONBLS fall meeting and notify CONBLS Chair


  • Awardee(s) will be notified prior to the fall meeting by CONBLS Chair
  • Committee will order and present award at CONBLS fall meeting
  • A more lengthy write-up will be submitted for the CONBLS website
  • Notification to university official will be given
  • Local newspaper or other publications should be given


  • Each member should have an equal chance for the award, regardless of the size and scope of the library
  • Not necessarily about cost-effectiveness or technology
  • Innovation
  • Contribution to mission and/or impact on academic enterprise or community
  • Sustainability and durability
  • Previous peer-review (e.g. review by granting agency, editorial board, committee to review submissions for presentations or poster sessions at association meetings, etc.) – may not be applicable to cutting edge, unfunded projects

Revised:  August 16, 2007