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The Consortium of Southern Biomedical Libraries: Distinguished Library Award

Distinguished Library Award

The Consortium of Southern Biomedical Libraries (CONBLS) is a professional organization of biomedical library directors from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, and Tennessee.


The purpose of the CONBLS Distinguished Library Award is to recognize innovation, sustainability, and programs in member libraries that contribute to the library’s mission of service, education, research, and/or patient care to the academic institution or the community.

The CONBLS Distinguished Library Award was established on October 12, 2003 at the annual CONBLS Business Meeting in Coral Gables, Florida.  The criteria for the award emphasize innovation, contribution to the library and institutional mission and/or impact on the academic enterprise or community, sustainability, and durability.


To recognize CONBLS member libraries that demonstrate innovation and sustainable new programs that benefit their institution and/or greater community.

To promote the sharing of knowledge gained with other CONBLS library directors.

To provide recognition for innovative CONBLS member library programs and services.


The CONBLS Award Committee consists of three members, including the chair (the previous award recipient) and two members selected during the annual business meeting (who may serve 2 years).  The committee reviews proposals submitted and votes whether to select a member library for the award.

The CONBLS Distinguished Library Award is presented to the selected member library at the annual CONBLS Business Meeting held in the fall of each year.  There may be one or two awards given in single year, or none may be given.


Applicants must be current CONBLS members.  Applicants may be nominated or may self-nominate.

A notice is distributed to CONBLS members by the chair of the Awards Committee two months before the annual Fall Business Meeting (usually held in conjunction with the SC/MLA annual meeting).  A <3-page award proposal must be submitted within the time frame identified in the notice sent by the awards chair.


Past CONBLS Distinguished Library Award winners:

Prepared:  August 16, 2007