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Nursing: Writing Guide

A guide to scientific writing and publishing.

Topics Available

What's included from the CON Writing Task Force

  • Quality Improvement vs Research
  • Types of Reviews
  • Searching the literature
  • Writing style
    • Active vs passive voice
    • Books as Resources
    • Writing center
  • Manuscripts and Publications
    • Journal selection (audience, journal aims/purpose, author guidelines/formatting, querying the editor)
    • Paper type
    • Writing an outline
    • Author Resources
    • The publication process
      • Responding to reviewer critique
      • Writing etiquette
      • Open access/predatory publishing
      • Serving as a reviewer: Wiley online
      • List of “bad” open access journals (Beall)
  • APA formatting
  • Technical formatting
  • Healthy writing habits
    • Managing an EndNote library
    • Keeping up your writing skills
    • Scheduling writing time
    • Not staying stuck/self preservation/seeking help
    • Peer feedback/critical review