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MUSC Septima P. Clark Poetry Contest

Thank You to Our 2022 Sponsors!

Itinerant Literate Book Stop & Mobile Bookstore:

Itinerant Literate Books opened in 2015 as a mobile and pop-up bookstore and in 2018 opened the flagship bricks-and-mortar Bookstop in Park Circle. They believe stories are powerful vehicles for growth and that access to knowledge should not be limited by zip code or district.  They offer a diverse selection of brand-new books for people of all ages and are committed to making new stories and insight accessible to everyone in our community. 
Thee Little Bird

Thee Little Bird—Mindset Coaching:

​Jamie Touchberry is a wife and mom who can relate and wants to help you establish accountability +  a healthy mindset. She knows what the world is telling you when it comes to who you are supposed to be and do, but believes each one of us is created uniquely for a purpose. This means we aren’t meant to look the same, but we all can create healthy habits  and mindsets to be our best.


Wonder Works Toy Stores

Wonder Works Toy Stores: 

A thriving local toy chain with two locations throughout the Charleston, SC area and a leader in the specialty toy industry aiming to inspire creativity and a sense of wonder with specialty toys, gifts, books, and gadgets.