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Check for Missing Citation Elements

Refworks can only format citations with the data it has available. If you import data from citation databases like Pubmed or Scopus, you should have all the necessary data to format your works cited list.

If you are adding your own citations, or if you want to check in advance to make sure you have all the necessary data elements for a specific style, RefWorks can try and help you identify missing elements.

In the bottom of the center panel, look for a menu titled Normal with a drop down arrow.  Open the menu by clicking on the arrow and select Citation View. Select the style guide you plan to utilize to format your citations. In the example below AMA has been selected.

Missing elements will be highlighted in two different colors and display different symbols.

Yellow (!) = Indicates required meta data based on the citation style you have chosen, such as place of publication or publisher.

Blue (?)  = Indicates metadata that may possibly be required based the citation style you have chosen, such as the issue number

To edit the problem data element, click on the highlighted element, correct the mistake, and save the reference.

Tip: Don't Panic.  Focus on the yellow highlighted items which are more important to verify.  RefWorks is running an algorithm of all potential data elements you might need. Consult your style guide. If you final citation lines up, then don't worry if RefWorks thinks you might be missing an element for metadata that may or may not be required.