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Educational Research

This guide contains resources for educators.

Determine Where to Publish

Increase Accessibility and Visibility

There are several steps you can take to make sure your research is accessible to a wide audience.

1. Open access (OA) publishing

  • free to access and often has less restrictive copyright and licensing terms
  • removes subscription cost barriers
  • be aware of predatory/questionable journals

How open is it?

SPARC, PLOS, and OASPA have created a guide detailing the components that make up open access publishing. Click the image to view a larger PDF. 


2. Write with "discoverability" in mind

  • make sure title, abstract, keywords, etc. are clear and descriptive of your work
  • reiterate keywords in abstract
  • publish in a journal indexed in more databases

3. Use social media to promote your work

  • reaches a wider audience
  • easier to make connections with others in your field
  • create an online profile
  • altmetrics


Metrics and Impact

Impact Measurements Consist of:

Writing Assistance