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Panopto for Instructors

MUSC's Lecture Capture Tool

What is Panopto? 

Panopto is MUSC's lecture capture tool where faculty can manage, live stream, record, and share videos across your organization.


What type of help is available to learn how to use Panopto? 

Visit the Get Started with Panopto video folder.


What type of help is available for issues in Panopto?

Tier 1 Support

  • Students: Go to their Faculty member/EdTech rep about the issue.
  • Faculty: Faculty go to their College EdTech team/person to discuss the issue.
  • Staff:  Staff members should go to their EdTech rep.  (MUHA would be Albany Cromer)
  • Tier 2 Support

  • EdTech:  Edtech rep or MUHA can contact ITFR directly if it needs Tier 2 support.

Important Note on Use

Protected Health Information, including digital images, may not be displayed or discussed during a recording 

Best Practices

  • Please remember that MUSC must comply with numerous regulations that protect the privacy of our patients and students. Videos should not display or discuss patients or students in any manner that could allow that individual to be identified, unless that individual has signed the appropriate release documents.

  • You must have a creator account to record. Do not have someone else log in to their account or your account to record for you.

  • Individual recordings can be no longer than four hours in length. Recordings over four hours will be deleted from the site following the schedule for site clean up below.

  • If a recording goes over four hours, download the recording and edit it in a video editor on your computer then re-upload it to Panopto. Finally, delete the original recording that is over four hours.

  • Once you have completed a recording just as a test, delete that recording from your folder.

  • Inform students that a recording is being made, and for what reason(s) the recording may be viewed, and by whom. This should be done in the syllabus as well as in specific class sessions or prior to an event.

  • Be conscious of beginning your recording too early or leaving it on after, which could capture student conversations identifying them or with colleagues disclosing Protected Health Information.

  • Per FERPA, should a student appear or is identifiable in a recording, limit access to the recording to only other students currently enrolled in the same class. Recordings cannot be shared or copied from semester to semester if a student can be identified and the faculty does not have consent from the student.

  • Individual faculty have the choice to allow students downloading privileges on any recording they created. Faculty are then responsible for what students do with the recordings once they are downloaded.

  • Use the “Move” function for Panopto recordings, rather than copying them from one semester to the next. Do not copy recordings to multiple years’ folders (i.e. 16/FA has a copy of the same recordings that are available in 15/FA).

  • The share setting of “Anyone with the link” is not recommended for use for security issues.

  • The Panopto site will retain the previous four years of recordings.

  • Due to file storage space limitations, Panopto files will be deleted (permanently removed from the site) following the site-wide clean up schedule. 

Best Practices for Quality Recordings

  • Always create a test recording to be sure your microphone is working and the recorder settings are correct.

  • Use large text and images on your slides.

  • Wear a microphone close or stand close to the stand microphone, speak clearly, and avoid turning your head.

  • Use the mouse cursor as a pointer, not a laser pointer.

  • Repeat audience questions, or pass handheld microphone. 

Recommended Syllabus Statement

Class Recordings. Meetings of this course might be recorded. Any recordings will be available to students registered for this class. This is intended to supplement the classroom experience. Students are expected to follow appropriate university policies and maintain the security of passwords used to access recorded lectures. Recordings may not be reproduced, shared with those not in the class, or uploaded to other online environments. If the instructor or a MUSC office plan any other uses for the recordings, beyond this class, students identifiable in the recordings will be notified to request consent prior to such use.