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Mobile Device Apps

Free and library-provided mobile device apps and websites.

Professional Networking

Professional networking apps will allow you to easily connect with new, existing and former colleagues. Many of these apps integrate with other apps so try them all!

Individual Journal Titles

In addition to journal database apps and mobile-friendly websites, apps for individual journal titles may be available from the Play/App Store. Individual journal apps vary widely with regard to amount of free content available, interactivity and other features.

Professional Conferences

Many organizations make mobile apps available for their annual conferences. These conference apps may include conference schedules, speaker biographies, exhibitor information, facility maps, and also allow attendees to build personal itineraries, link to social media, take session notes, and more. Search the Play/App Store for the conferences that interest you.


The apps below will help you keep up-to-date on your favorite newspapers, blogs, institutional/association news, and more.