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Submitting an Assignment in Moodle

Locate the assignment in your Moodle course. The Turnitin assignment will look different from a regular assignment. It has the Turnitin symbol in the left corner with Turnitin Assignment 2 at the top of the box.

Click on the title of the assignment to open the box. You can see all of the different pieces of the assignment. The tabs on the top let you know if there are multiple parts to the assignment. You can see the start date of the assignment, which is when you can begin submitting your papers to this assignment. The due date is when your paper is due, and the post date is when grades will begin to be available. The marks available is the total grade you can receive for that paper. If you have not submitted your paper, you will see a blank box like the one below.

To submit a paper, make sure you are on the correct tab at the top first. Then click on the cloud with the up arrow in it next to Submit Paper.

A pop up box will appear where you can title your submission and select the file you would like to upload. Be explicit in how you name your file, including your name and your assignment title. Next upload your file by either dragging and dropping the file into the box or clicking in the box and selecting your file from your computer. Finally, click Add Submission at the bottom of the box to submit your paper.

*Your instructor may let you know to remove your name from your paper. Please make sure to remove any identifying marks out of the paper contents before uploading.

*For file submissions, make sure you are uploading either a Word document or PDF. If you are uploading a PDF, make sure it is from the most updated Acrobat product so that it is a readable file.

Once your paper has been submitted, you will receive a digital receipt in your email. You should also see a gray bar in your Similarity area where your Originality Report is pending.

In a short amount of time, depending on how long your paper is, you should be able to see your similarity score and view your report. Some instructors will allow you to see your score, but not access your report.

*In certain assignments, your instructor may set up the assignment so you can submit as many times as you would like before the due date. If this is the case, you will need to wait 24 hours before you can resubmit your assignment to receive an updated Originality Report. In other cases, you are only given one opportunity to submit your paper. When this happens, you will receive your Originality Report immediately. Finally, some assignments may be set up so that you can only submit once and will have to wait till the post date to view your Originality Reports. These three options are shown below.


Viewing Your Originality Report

Once you have a percentage with a color bar below it showing next to your submission, you can view your Originality Report. Click on the color bar (it may be gray, yellow, or red) to open your paper’s report.

Your report will open in a new tab. The plagiarized pieces of your paper will be highlighted in different colors. Those colors correspond to different sources.

To view where those pieces of your paper were plagiarized from, click on the layers button in the right hand column. The first button in the red section of the column will show you where the source’s overall percentages are from.


The next button down will show you all of the sources related to each of the matches in your paper.

You can also view your instructor’s feedback on your paper by clicking on the blue buttons in the column. They may have added written comments in your paper, quick comments, text comments, and a voice comment.