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South Carolina College of Pharmacy Library Resources

This subject was developed for the faculty, staff and students in the South Carolina College of Pharmacy.

Reference Managers

Reference Managers is software that allows one to manage bibliographic citations (references).  Once a reference has been recorded it can be used time and again in generating bibliographies.  These software packages consist of a database in which references can be entered, references can be retrieved, references can be formatted in the style required by publishers and scholarly journals and integrated with word processing software (Word) so that a reference list in the appropriate format is produced automatically as an article is being written.   References can be imported from bibliographic databases like CINAHL and PubMed.  Reference managers are also citation managers, bibliographic database managers, refernce management software, citation management software or personal bibliographic management software.  The most commonly used refreence managers used at MUSC are EndNote and RefWorks.


EndNote Resources for Researchers

RefWorks ProQuest