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Mobile Device Apps

Free and library-provided mobile device apps and websites.


  • Erase all data on iPad after 10 failed passcode attempts
    • Settings -> general -> passcode lock -> erase data
    • Passcode time out and enable erasing data after failed attempts
  • Location services, ad tracking, contact access 
  • Find my iPad: GPS location, play sound:
    • Lost mode: If your device is online, it locks and tracking begins (if applicable). If Location Services is turned off on the device, it’s temporarily turned on to track your device’s location. A confirmation email is sent to your Apple ID email address. If your device is offline, the passcode lock and tracking (if applicable) take effect the next time it’s online.
  • Browse without being tracked: Duckduckgo app


  • Set signatures for each individual mail account or for all accounts
    • Settings -> Mail -> Signature
  • Confirmation before email is deleted
    •   Settings -> Mail -> Ask Before Deleting
  • Always show To/Cc Label in messages
    • Settings -> Mail -> Show To/Cc Label


iCloud stores your calendars, documents, apps, music, photos and more, and wirelessly pushes them to all your Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac). It pushes new purchases to all your devices, and lets you download past purchases from whichever device you are using.

Productivity (Keyboard Shortcuts)

  • Organize apps into folders (press and hold app until it wiggles; then drag apps on top of each other). Drag folders to bottom dock.
  • Split keyboard into thumb mode to make it easier to type while standing
    • Press and hold bottom-right button on keyboard
  • Double-click homescreen button to see open apps/pages. Swipe page up to remove from list.
  • Triple-click homescreen for accessibility options
    • Settings -> General -> Accessibility Shortcuts -> Inverted Colors/Zoom/etc
  • Multitasking Gestures: use 4-5 fingers to: pinch to homescreen; swipe up for multitasking; swipe left/right between apps
    • Settings -> General -> Multitasking Gestures
  • Quick access to controls: swipe up with one finger from bottom of  homescreen to quick access to Netflix, airplane mode, night display, camera, brightness, etc.

Safari Browser

  • Define words: select word by pressing and holding, then selecting "define word"
    • To set dictionary: press and hold word -> manage -> choose dictionary
  • Find word in page: type word into URL box but before searching, scroll down and select “find in page”
  • Bookmarks bar: bookmarklets (e.g., Instapaper)
    • Settings -> Safari  -> always show bookmarks bar

Charging Your Battery

  • If you put your iPad on airplane mode it will charge twice as fast
    • Settings -> Airplane Mode (toggle on/off)