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Ed Tech for Students: Setting up Your Laptop & Phone

Setting up Your Laptop & Phone: Table of Contents

Included on this page you will find more information on:

For more help with setting up your laptop and phone:

  • Visit the STSS desk on the 4th floor of the Library
  • Call the Help Desk at 792-9700
  • Visit the OCIO website

Password Changes

You will need to change NetID password every 180 days.

You will get an email and see on-screen pop up two weeks ahead of deadline.

You can change at or on Lynx PC hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and click Change Password.

If you don't change before deadline, at next login you’ll see a password change screen.


Go to and type in your netID and password to log in. Click + sign, All Apps, select apps to add to your webapps desktop. If you don’t see an app that you will need call help desk at 792-9200 and ask for webapps access for that app.

Anti Virus

For Mac

Self Service > Install System Center Endpoint Protection

For Windows

If Windows 8 or 10 Windows Defender is already installed, if Windows 7 install Microsoft Security Essentials

Software Downloads

MUSC has licenses to various software that you can download as a student. Visit the OCIO Software Download page and search by audience for All MUSC. Make sure to read the license agreements to ensure this software can be downloaded onto your computer. Contact the Help Desk at 792-9700 for more information. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Go to and log in.

Enter the phone number you want to use (preferably a cell phone) and click “Call me now to authenticate”, answer call and press #.

Answer the following security questions.

For Mobile App: Install Microsoft Authenticator on your phone, go to "Activate Mobile App" and click Generate Activation Code, Add Account in app, scan QR or input code.


On iOS 

Follow the instructions on Information Solutions website to download and install Citrix Secure Hub for iOS 

On Android

Follow the instructions on Information Solutions website to download and install Citrix Secure Hub for Android

Laptop Encryption

For Mac

Self Service > Encrypt My Computer, Click Encrypt and Log Out buttons until logged out.

Log back in. Click Enable Now. Click OK and you’ll be logged out again. Enter your password. It may take a few minutes to log back in.

Encryption should be running in the background. A pop up will inform you when it finishes and you’ll need to click OK to reboot to complete the process.

For Windows

Go to Control Panel, look for BitLocker Drive Encryption, if it's there click Turn ON BitLocker.

Create PIN and save recovery key to a USB drive or print it out.

If BitLocker isn't preinstalled or it says there’s no TPM, go to Symantec Endpoint Encryption page.

DO NOT install Symantec Endpoint Encryption on Microsoft Surface Pro or Surface Book devices.

You must log in with an account that is an administrator on the computer you are encrypting and has a password.

Power charger needs to be plugged in.

Download installer from link in Step 1 and run it. Click Yes. Click OK and Yes to reboot your laptop.

Log in as normal. Make note of the username, exact spelling and capitalization. Reboot your laptop.

It should boot to the Symantec Encryption login screen. Type in username and password to log in.

Windows will boot up. You should see Symantec Encryption in the system tray. Encryption process may take a few hours to complete depending on size of hard drive.