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Medical Students: Pediatrics Clerkship

Resources for students in the College of Medicine

EBM Review: Session Evaluation

Please complete this evaluation at the end of the EBM Review session with Emily Brennan.

EBM Review Session and Final Presentation

Pediatrics Clerkship Moodle Page: PEDS-801 Pediatric Core Clerkship (COM3) ==> EBM Review & Finale

EBP Review Session: Hands-on practice with library resources.

  • July 2017 session via Panopto lecture recording system 

Clinical Rounds: Your librarian, Emily Brennan, will help you research the evidence for any clinical questions that may arise while rounding on the pediatric inpatient wards, and for your final presentation.

Final EBP Presentation: Based on your clinical experiences, work with your wards team to research the best evidence for a clinical question of your choice, and present your findings. Before submitting final PPT, each team must consult with librarian Emily Brennan about clinical question and search strategy.

  • Thursday, July 27 from 9:30 am-11:15 am in CSB 628

Clinical Overviews

Article Databases and Journals

Database Search Tips

Use boolean operators (AND, OR) to broaden your search.

  • e.g., (bronchiolitis OR "respiratory syncytial virus") AND nebuli* hyptertonic saline AND ("hospital stay" OR "length of stay")

Use subject headings (e.g., PubMed MeSH terms) to search by subject, or to brainstorm synonyms to add to your search.

  • e.g., In PubMed, click on "MeSH terms" below a relevant abstract and add those terms to your search strategy.

Use truncation (*) to search alternate endings.

  • e.g., nebuli* will retrieve articles with nebulizer, nebulizers, nebulized, nebuliser, nebulisers, etc.

Use quotes to search as a phrase.

  • e.g., "hospital stay" rather than hospital stay will retrieve articles with that exact phrase.

CLIPP (Computer-assisted Learning in Pediatrics Program)

Drug Info Resources